Navigating Ad Land with Roberta Macdonald, SVP of Marketing for Cabot Cheese – May 17, 2018


Navigating Ad Land with Roberta Macdonald, SVP of Marketing for Cabot Cheese Creamery

Thursday, May 17, 2018, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Join host Sam Surprise, 2017 Ad Club of Maine Brodersons Joan Dow Award Winner, as he sits down with a leading marketing prfessional in New England to discuss the current landscape of marketing and advertising. From industry trends and consumer insights to breakthrough creative and thoughtful leadership, the series gives us a personalized look at the art of building a modern brand.

On May 17, the Ad Club of Maine welcomes Roberta Macdonald, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Cabot Cheese Creamery.


Roberta is nearing 40 years of consumer product marketing experience, the last 28 of which she has spent as SVP of Marketing for Cabot Creamery Cooperative. She has helped turn the small, farm family owned dairy cooperative into a national player through creative, award-winning and occasionally over-the- top campaigns.
Roberta previously served as Vermont’s first Marketing Director, a position created for her by Governor Kunin in 1984. She has been recognized with many awards for design, promotions, and high-impact public relations programs, including the highest individual award by B Corps.
Prior to moving to Vermont, Roberta provided marketing consulting and/or staff services for the San Francisco Opera, National Endowment for the Arts, Ford Foundation, American Express, Information Industry Association, NYU, CBS, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Roberta is a long-time champion of the co-op movement and speaks frequently on how Cabot rewards volunteers for an indelible brand connection with its farmers’ values. In her free time, she volunteers for hospice services in Burlington, Vermont.

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