A social event sponsored by SHIPYARD BREWING

Here’s to fresh suds & new buds.

WHEN: Thursday, 03/15 – 5:00 to 7:00

WHERE: SHIPYARD BREWING, 86 Newbury Street, Portland, ME 04101


Thursday, 03/15, join Maine people from Maine agencies, drinking Maine beer, talking about things including, but not limited to: advertising, mustache competitions, unorthodox food trucks, secret hut hikes, agency life, boomerang skillz, super cute tattoos, your mom, Pineland Farms insane cheese selection, that ridiculous ad you saw last night, not hiking as much as you’d like to, how scary IT was, Kendall Jenner, the hottest new brands, the US curling team, the Oscar Mayer Wiener-mobile, Tina’s cats, the Pats, your boyfriend Matt, etc.

Walk in. Crack a beer. Meet a few folks from the Portland ad scene. Leave as BFFS.

Where to park your iron beast:
On street where available

DRINKS: BEER, also non-booze drinks.



Future Venues: Our social events can be hosted by any agency, studio, or organization with an appropriate space. If you would like to host an event in the future, please reach out to us.